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Rachael Leech at the Reedham Riverside Beer Festival

The Lord Nelson

Real Ale, Good Food & Live Music in Reedham on the Norfolk Broads

Since I was young I have always taken an interest into the musical world, having learnt to play a various number of instruments from clarinet to recorder and violin to piano. However, as time went by I found myself marvelling over the wonders of the acoustic guitar, influenced at the time by such artists as James Taylor, Steve Knightley and Neil Young.

Growing up I found myself predominantly interested in the 'Folk Scene' as I attended Cambridge Folk Festival with my parents year after year to watch artist upon artist perform their efforts and hard work upon a stage. Not just appreciating with my ears but also visually, seeing how these performers performed their music and the buzz it gave to the crowd. I required my first guitar one Easter about 4 years ago and from that day I have been inspired to create music of my own in which maybe one day I will be officially performing onstage at Cambridge Folk Festival.

However through teaching myself to play guitar and combining my interest in poetry I managed to create my first cd called 'Colour' and have performed in many places including Norwich playhouse and The local Greenpeace festival. Recently I also performed a set at the Reedham Riverside Beer Festival to an enthusiastic crowd who greeted me with smiles and positive feedback after stepping down from the spotlight. Overall a great day at the festival with many other artists taking their turn to entertain the jolly folk.